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Private Chef Services

Intimate Dinner Parties

Planning a lovely couples evening and want to be a guest at your party? We handle all the details of planning, serving, and cleaning up for sit down parties for 2 or more.

Just had a baby and “going out” actually means “staying in?” Call Us! We will bring everything you need to have a quiet, intimate, pampered dinner for 2. From setting the table to preparing, serving and cleaning up – we will be quiet, respectful, and prepare a delicious, intimate dinner for just the two of you.

Homemade Meal Delivery Services

One Wish Party Planning offers delicious affordable alternatives to take-out. Our personal chef services are intended to help individuals and small families solve the dilemma of “What’s for dinner?” As your personal chef, we will work with you to determine your dietary needs, your likes, and dislikes, and create delicious and nutritious meals.

After determining your needs and wants, we will plan a menu of entrees or complete meals for you and your family. Your customized dinners are prepared and packaged according to your needs, including single, double, or family-style servings. We will leave you a detailed handling and heating instruction guide and menu, so all you have to do is reheat and enjoy. It’s that simple!

Between us…..this service is terrific for:

  • Elders Who Are Home Alone and/or Do Not Cook
  • People Who Are Sick and Need To Have a Balanced and Nutritious Meal
  • Singles or Couples Who Are Just Too Busy to Cook

Pricing and Requirements

We require a 7-day minimum plan, which includes 2 meals for each day. That’s a total of 14 healthy, delicious and prepacked dishes.

Complete meals are $18.00 per individual. Homemade soups are $6.00 each, and we require a minimum order of 8 orders.

Please Contact Us for Menus and Information